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How To Host Poker Games at Home

November 21, 2015

Poker night with some friends is the most consistently cheap form of entertainment one can provide, assuming of course you’re playing without your own money. You toss in the prospect of real cash, then things turn ugly, real quick, so make sure you’re really good friends before considering that.You can take things slow, if you don’t have much experience throwing your own poker night at your house. It’s best to master your craft before jumping face-first into a group that you may or may not know whether they have the ability to clean house. Get the essentials laid out first, then worry about emptying your savings on the table. Preparations Most poker games are perfect when you have at least...

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The Different Type Of Poker Chips

November 15, 2015

Believe it or not there is no standard for casino chips, they can vary anywhere between 11.5 grams to as low as 8.5 grams. This weight disparity doesn’t necessarily mean that if your chips are heavier, that they are of the highest quality. It just happens to be that the cheapest chips are the lightest, as the Belagio’s lowest denominations will certainly be of higher quality than some small dog race track’s, for example. Heavier chips become a preference for some pros, and as a result, they will prefer the clay and ceramic chips, that’s why these are generally the most expensive. If you are looking for the most authentic, then you will probably be looking for the clay poker...

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